Hot Dog, that’s a good idea!


There is a hot dog truck near the Otheroom now.   It’s been there for a few weeks.  We always end up going to get pizza when we are at the Otheroom, which won’t change for me because I’m a vegetarian, but we’ve always wondered why no one thinks to come in there with sandwiches or have a little food cart.

Hot Dogs by the Otheroom



  1. He said he sometimes has tofu dogs, but I’m thinking of other vegetarian (not-soy) things he might be able to offer.

    Any ideas?

  2. I, and many other locals and native so cals, wish all your types- yes , I’m addressing you douches that started this site, would GO HOME. We can’t stand you pretentious, trendy, wannabe, EAST COAST pussy boys. You think you can move here with daddy’s $ and think your all of a sudden a cool local, YOUR NOT. You east coast trendy, pretentious as fuck, wannabe scenesters stick out like sore thumbs with your fucking annoying east coast ways-the annoying accent, the dark hair/pasty skinned/non-athletic bods, the yankee/red sox hats—you are total dorks that don’t fit in on the west/best coast!

  3. Bret, my born and bred in Los Angeles friend and yovenice partner – have you been telling people I dark hair?! I’m going to tell my Daddy to sue you. I hope he has money left from moving me all the way out here and buying me a house and a car and trendy stuff. Oh wait – that’s right, *I* paid for all of those things with money I made working hard, minus the trendy stuff because I’m just not that kind of girl. So he’s still got plenty of his teacher’s pension to sue you for outing me and my dark hair.

    Obviously hair color, skin color, body type, baseball team preference and hometown are very important parts of a person’s character and integrity, and I would hope that a friend such as yourself wouldn’t go around letting people know what a douche I am. We all know dark-hair and pasty skin = douche. You might give the west coast douches (I’ve only heard of 1. No actually 2 now.) fodder for trashing me when in fact, they should really just go see NYC for themselves and experience what it’s like when even the 8-year olds will kick their asses for being such fucking offensive hateful close-minded judgmental pussies.

    But I forgive you, Bret, because you are the least pretentious, least scenesteresque, most welcoming, and most chill guy anyone has ever met, as evidenced by all of the other true locals and new locals who know you and call you their friend.

  4. John, as a 3rd generation decidedly un-scenster native … I’m not really feeling your critique of this site that I co-founded.

    You can always write something that is not completely groundless about what you think is going on in Venice with people moving here and you have a place to have that voice heard. It is called YoVenice, and we are more than willing to accept submissions that are conducive to discussion that are not just groundless rants.

    (As a side note Keri moved here in ’97 … so she isn’t really a Venice n00bie .. not that it matters in the slightest to anyone that has any kind of open mind in life. If you really want to get official, Venice should still be part of MEXICO.)

  5. what i find the most difficult thing to understand about john’s ‘comment’ is how he derives the adjective ‘pretentious’ to describe this website. it is anything but. also, i don’t know any of you, but how has he arrived to the conclusion that you are east-coasters? does he know you? if so, i’m sorry.

    i was born and raised in l.a. and have never lived anywhere else, but have been fortunate to visit very many places and if there is anywhere that would be high on places where i would live, it would be n.y. anyone who has enough hate in them to dismiss other wonderful, beautiful, cultural places in the world as being full of ‘dorks’ that ‘don’t fit in’ just doesn’t get it. there’s a reason why other places aren’t l.a….it’s because they’re different, and that’s what makes them special and different (and better in some ways).