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It is always nice to meet a tourist or two while out and about in Venice Beach and even nicer when the tourists go home and share what a little gem our city is. One such visitor we had here recently (we did not meet her) was Anna Kainberger, who wrote of our city

It is not plastic; it is colourful crystal glass; it changes colour the closer you look at it and gets more interesting the more time you invest in listening to people’s stories and watching them passing by.

as part of her seven month globe traveling write ups at travelbite. You can read more of her thoughts on Venice and Los Angeles by clicking here.

Pacific and Windward, Venice Beach California



  1. How true….Venice is indeed a wonderful,colorful and ever changing place to visit as I have done 4 times in the last 3 years with my two children[16&21 yr. old].
    As they tell their friends….we love it….but not like Dad!
    I look to move to the area in less than three yrs. as Dayton,Ohio is ghost town…get me out!

  2. thanks for the encouragement as Dayton is just the pits!! I plan to come out so-lo as my 2 kids will be on their own by then. I watch the web cams just to get through the days!!!!