Tree Man Sighting on Washington Blvd


I am easily freaked out when it comes to certain things: clowns, wax statues, twins under the age of 10 (because of The Shining), ghosts, babies, and scary stilt-walking tree people.

Scary Tree Man

I was about to take another photo of him when he turned his face in our direction, but his glowing eyes made me scared that if I took that picture, he would steal my soul.

There are a few videos on YouTube about these guys.  (Warning: Tourist Video.  Turn the volume down before clicking.)



  1. as a new resident of venice beach, this was one of my first encounters with one of my neighbors this past weekend. although that leaf-clad freakshow totally scared the shit out of me, it brought back hazy memories of hippie music festivals without ever having to leave my ‘hood.
    … love my new home. 🙂

  2. Welcome to Venice!

    So…there is a purpose to the walking tree men, of course. I assumed it was an environmental awareness thing, and it is:

    I don’t know if there are a few walking tree guys (you tube has several videos) or if this guy was the original…but it is an interesting idea.

    Still creepy though.

  3. i saw him for the first time about a month or two ago and WOW…took me back for a second. it seems like i see him all the time now. yeah, he may be creepy looking, but that’s what makes it fabulous. he seems harmless enough. i may be imagining this, but i could have sworn i saw him in a different costume one time, though.

  4. oh this guy is not only scary, but he’s really rude to boot. Now he’s out on the bwalk, stilting for cash. also recently spotted walking up and down rose avenue.

  5. puhleeze….not scarey, not strange, just a really gifted performance artist…makes his own costumes…yes, he has been in different ones, such as a robot etc….the “walkingtreeman” website posted in this discussion is NOT him….the guy you saw is named Lionel Powell and can be contacted at [email protected]…he also has a webpage …however, at the moment the only active part of it, the videos, are down….the guy is TREEmendously talented as a dancer, entertainer, costume designer etc….and, yes, he DOES accept tips…so did Charley Chaplin (who also used to work the boardwalk before his success), Eddy Cantor, etc etc etc…
    he now has a storefront on the boardwalk called “The World’s Smallest Art Gallery”…can’t miss it…just north of Dudley pagoda…near Rose Ave…the doorway is trimmed in pink…check it out…tree ya later…..