Elvino – Coming Soon (no really!)


Elvino Abbott Kinney

As I was walking down AKB this week, post-shopping at Heist’s mega sale (80% off!  wow!), I saw that the door to Elvino was open – I peeked inside and finally got to meet Bart.

They are building away in there! Lot of skinny wine-stocking shelves, a big counter, etc… There will be a whole wine tasting area – and enough tastings will be going on to require a restroom for customers.  Uh…I mean it’s a city requirement, not necessarily a biological one.  Although I’m sure it will come in handy for that as well.

Bart didn’t seem to want to commit to an actual opening date, or month, or year – but he did say "this summer".   I haven’t really asked for the specifics about what was holding things up, but I’m assuming it’s a bunch of permit/zoning red-tape – since that seems to be a common thorn in the side of new business owners around here.

Stay tuned for grand opening details…