Committee on Homelessness and Vehicular Living


Venice Neighborhood Council

The VNC has had many recent meetings on the subject of homelessness and RV-living in Venice – they seem to be dedicated to finding better ways to improve the situation. Here is an email we received from them:

Venice Neighborhood Council President Appoints Co-Chairs of new Ad-Hoc Committee on Homelessness & Vehicular Living

Los Angeles, Calif., June 24, 2008—Venice Neighborhood Council President Mike Newhouse has selected Mark Ryavec and Judy Alexander to co-chair the VNC’s new Ad-Hoc Committee on Homelessness and Vehicular Living. The new co-chairs have accepted their appointments and will begin the work of selecting 10 additional voting members of the committee, consisting of eight stake-holders and two board members. Additionally, the committee will invite representatives from County and City offices and governmental agencies to participate as non-voting members.

Mike Newhouse was very pleased by Mr. Ryavec’s and Ms. Alexander’s acceptance of their appointments. He said "Mark and Judy have proven themselves as effective leaders in the community. With their experience, they will ensure that the process of examining and vetting the ideas and proposals to be considered by the committee will be fair, open, unbiased and without predetermined positions."

The new committee has been formed to identify local and regional solutions and actions to assist those who are indigent and thus unable to afford housing. The mission of the Committee is to end vehicular living on city streets while also identifying suitable and affordable regional alternatives for those who are indigent or without adequate income to afford a traditional residence.

The Committee will actively seek the involvement of all stakeholders in Venice including but not limited to residents, resident and neighborhood associations, service providers, homeless advocates and the homeless themselves, and businesses and property owners. It has been asked to complete its work and report back to the VNC Board within 6 months. Stakeholders who want to serve on the committee are asked to submit Letters of Interest to VNC Board Secretary Joe Murphy at [email protected]

In accepting their appointments to serve on the committee, Ms. Alexander said: "This committee will shed light on the enormous gap between the service and housing needs of homeless individuals and the resources available to them. I look forward to working with all VNC stakeholders and officers as we address these serious concerns." Mr. Ryavec added, "I have long been dismayed at our society’s failure to address the needs of the indigent and homeless amongst us. And I am acutely aware of the problems faced by residents with urban campers dwelling in vehicles parked at their curb. My goal is for the committee to start the process of working with city, county and charitable organizations to move us to addressing both issues."