Plopping and Fizzing at Hinano


Alka Seltzer School Girls

Alka Seltzer has come a long way in its marketing campaigns. From the old commercials to this newest ploy: free samples given out by Asian chicks dressed in school-girl uniforms.

They skipped on into Mercedes Grill as Bret and I were enjoying happy hour. They offered a Speedy figurine to a small child, who didn’t want it – so Bret and I snagged it.

Alka Seltzer Speedy guy

Then they skipped across the street to cause a stir outside of Hinano:

Alka Seltzer girls at Hinano

I’d like to meet the marketing exec who thought up this one. "Hm…how can I use hot Asian chicks in school-girl uniforms to market a product?…maybe they can give something out to men in bars…like a pill of some sort…yeah a pill that men would want…while looking at hot asian school girls…in a bar…but which pill?…(snaps fingers) I got it! Effervescent heartburn pills!"

Although – I get heartburn just walking past Hinano, so maybe this isn’t so misguided.

I think this guy is a Hinano regular.