Steven Alan Annex on AKB


Steven Allen Annex

Steven Alan Annex is on AKB and the corner of Palms. A chain store. (Had to say it.)

So if you’re looking for that perfect plain gray t-shirt in the $50+ range, look no further .

Steven Alan Annex
1601 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Steven Allen Annex



  1. How come there are no picketers here? What saves it from the onslaught that Pinkberry faced? At least Pinkberry is an LA area chain and not a NY based chain. Of course if Venice Unchained was consistent, they would need to picket Abbots Habit and Abbots Pizza Company as well.

  2. and why is this plain $50 t-shirt any different than all the other plain $75 t-shirts in the ‘non-chain’ stores on AKB?

  3. My comment about “the perfect plain gray t-shirt” was about my moral objection to a $50 gray t-shirt.

    But you bring up an excellent question. I’m glad you asked…

    If I buy a shirt at Brick Lane, I get to say hi to Amanda. And if I buy something at Topo Ranch, I get to say hi to Eric. And when I stop by Firefly tomorrow to buy a gift for my mother-in-law, I can congratulate Erinn on her new digs. And when Elvino opens its doors, I get to finally meet Bart and Caroline, who we’ve emailed with over the past several months.

    So the difference is that the owners of the non-chain stores are our neighbors. Even if they don’t actually LIVE in Venice, they have their 1-and-only business here. If I’m in the buying mood, I like to support them.

  4. While Steven Alan has a handful of stores, I hardly think it quite counts as a “chain”. His stores are basically limited to NY and LA… we’re not exactly talking banana republic or some other eyesore.

    I do understand supporting business owners that actually live in Venice and have one store.. but by that logic I’d have to boycott Abbot’s Pizza company because they have a store in Santa Monica and I’ve never met the owner.

    PS: Steve was at the Venice location when I stopped in last week… I’d met him a few times in NYC and he’s a really down to earth guy.

  5. oh, i get it. you’d rather hobnob with owners that getting to know regular managers and employees that are more likely to live in town and further support our businesses. steve alan isn’t a chain and i’m sure the employees there are just as wonderful with just as exciting lives to share with you, if you’re in the buying mood.

  6. Ok ok. I guess I’m coming across more opinionated on this than I actually am. My own fault for using the dreaded word “chain” in my post…

    Mentioning it’s a chain was meant to be sarcastic because every time a new business opens on AKB that has more than 1 location, someone says it – I figured I’d beat them to the punch. Again – sarcastically. That’s how I am. That may not come across in text.

    To be clear, and this is just my opinion, not necessarily the “yovenice” official stance: I want businesses located in Venice to be successful because it helps our economy. This store is one of a group of small boutique stores in NY and now a few in LA. It’s not a Gap or a Banana Republic. Yet.

    Steven Alan seems like a nice business – I like that Steven was at the opening of this store and that it wasn’t a private event. I think that’s really cool – that’s the spirit of AKB. I still may not buy a $50 gray t-shirt, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t buy something else less generic for even more money.

    I hope that employees of any Venice businesses live here, but if they don’t, that’s fine too – I’m sure I will love to get to know them as I frequently stop in to check out what’s new. Even if I’m not necessarily a “shopping” person.

    I even stop in at Pinkberry every once in a blue moon (gasp!) because that business started in LA. Abbot’s Pizza Co. and Abbot’s Habit – they have second locations but they started here.

    So…in conclusion…my personal patronage philosophy is to start locally and move outward as necessary.

    And I wish Steven Alan and his employees much success in our neighborhood!

  7. abbots pizza, and abbots habit are different because they have been here for a long long time, before those other stores were hawking their 50$ plain t-shirts.