Safe at last!


I’m bringing a few friends to the Town Hall Safety Meeting on Thursday:

Super Heroes in Venice!

This is what I saw as I was strolling down to the beach….

These two guys ignoring the "cross at the light and not in between" rule:

Super Heroes Don't Fear Cars

Huh? And then I saw this guy:

Super Hero #3

And this guy:

Super Hero #4

And I did what any girl should do when she sees a bunch of weirdos jaywalking with cameras – I went right over and said "What are you guys doing?"

Well – this is about the last thing I thought they’d say: "We are from Italy and we are introducing this roast beef from Italy to the east coast and now the west coast." Well this is an interesting marketing ploy for roast beef, I thought. "And where will this roast beef be available for purchase?" I asked, planning the YoVenice post in my head.

"Oh no. It’s not – we are bringing THIS roast beef to see the west coast."

These superheroes are bringing a chunk of roast beef on tour of the United States. And Venice was its last stop, I guess. Unless they were lugging that thing to Hawaii. And I didn’t see a cooler in their supercar, so…yuck…

Remember that I Love Lucy episode when she brought that cheese home from Italy and pretended it was her baby so she could take it on the plane?

Anyway – THIS is why we live here, right? You never know what’s going to happen.



  1. Ha ha, I love it.

    I used to bring a framed picture of my grandma with me on road trips, so “she wouldn’t miss a thing”. But this is way better.

  2. remind me to pack a veggie burger on a New York bagel when I come in sept…why should dead cows have all the fun…