How safe is Venice?


Girl fights and driving rampages aside, how safe is Venice?

According to , our crime rate is 33% less than the county average. They rate Venice’s overall safety as 6.5 out of 10. (Incidentally, on my best-websites-for-procrastination scale, LaLife gets an 8.3 out of 10.)

Statistics don’t mean a thing if you don’t feel safe in your own neighborhood. If you have questions or concerns – there’s going to be a town hall meeting on safety this Thursday:

VNC Safety meeting Info.jpg



  1. safe compared to???? what 5years ago? venice has never been “safe”. is it getting better from what it was, yes. will it ever be 100% safe? no. if you moved here thinking this was some suburb where you could leave your doors unlocked. youre dumb.

    what makes me feel unsafe, are drivers who dont pay attention when they cruise AK window shopping, or pedestrians who dont stop at red lights and stroll across the street like they own it.

  2. Yes good point – the drivers and pedestrians really need to pay more attention to each other!

    I’d like to go to the meeting to address the daily late night/wee hours helicopter frenzy. (a) the helicopters wake everyone up and (b) it makes me think that gun-wielding maniacs are running through the streets. (Which has only happened twice since I’ve lived here – so it can’t be that.)

    Seriously – what’s wrong with a good old-fashioned foot chase?!

    I’m sort of kidding – obviously, they come in handy, but all the time?! I doubt they needed 3 helicopters for the chick fight, so you know they are using them every chance they get.

  3. I’m always suprised, being that we’re such a walking/biking city, that there are not signs that warn motorists of this.
    This is mostly for out of towners, but we’re a destination city, and there are always out of towners driving around with no regard (or ignorance) to the rules of sharing the road.
    Obviously, a crosswalk is not enough to stop people.

  4. About crosswalks, should we have one where Starbucks is on Washington?
    There is a huge fat sign telling people to use the crosswalk to the west, but it’s always ignored.

    I really don’t mind much, but then the city should take the sign down.