New Rides for the Lifeguards


The folks over at Ford are finally jumping in to this whole "eco friendly" craze by helping out the LA County Lifeguards. Over the next few months, 45 new Escape Hybrids will be making their way to our beaches replacing the old gas-guzzling Toyota pickups. Changes made to the Hybrid work trucks include: a radio rack in place of the center console, and replacing the "60% side" of the 60/40 split rear seat with a storage locker. Add a roof rack, some rubber floor mats, bright yellow paint, some flashing lights… and you’re in business.


(For some reason, the above photo makes me want to fling myself into the sea.)

Let’s just hope that these hybrids can stand up to the rigors of daily lifeguard duty. We’ll be sure to check back in a few months…



  1. and let’s hope they don’t run anyone over in their fine new rides. I got run over by a lifeguard my first summer in venice (’01). Happily I lived to tell the tale…

    Happens more than it should.