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OMD is installing a new home just east of Lincoln. Yo Venice! has been in contact with the owner of the property to find out the scoop about what the experience has been like…

Yo Venice!: So how did this work – did OMD incorporate the modules into an existing house, or did you start from scratch?

Homeowner: We bought the property with two houses on it. They had previously been used as rental units but had been vacant for some time and had become fairly dilapidated. We tore one of the houses down and OMD designed a remodel for the other. The prefab modules connect to the remaining, remodeled house.

Yo Venice!: What made you decide to use the modules in your remodel?

Homeowner: We wanted to try prefab because it seemed a little more efficient than other forms of construction. We hoped to realize this efficiency in time, price & consumption of materials – all of which turned out to be the case. We also liked the thought of a house that had to be built to withstand a two hour drive on the highway – from a shaking standpoint, our modules are definitely earthquake tested. Finally, we wanted to avoid a busy/noisy construction site both as a courtesy to our neighbors as well as to support a new startup we had cooking in the garage.

Yo Venice!: How was it working with OMD? Have you done other conventional remodeling before and if so, how does it compare?

Homeowner: This is our first remodel and we enjoyed the process with OMD. They were just on it and moved really quickly. We’re very happy with the results.

Very cool. I especially like the part about wanting to avoid bothering the neighbors with noisy construction, since I have been living in the never-ending construction site that is my street.

According to OMD’s website : “In our experience, OMD Prefab homes cost about 15% less than conventional building, take less than half the construction time, and employ more sustainable building methods. ”  And…they look pretty cool too.

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