When did this happen?


Admittedly, I have not been over to Ocean Front Walk in several weeks – but when did this start happening?!

Sketchers Ads on Ocean Front Walk?!

Toyota Ad on Ocean Front Walk

Corona Ad on Ocean Front Walk

Heineken Ad on Ocean Front Walk

Has corporate advertising been going on along the boardwalk for a while and I just never noticed? I saw that awful Toyota ad and started looking around for others when I noticed Heineken, Corona, and Sketchers. Maybe since the others are murals, I didn’t really notice until now?

Anyone have an opinion they’d like to share?!




  1. I was just there maybe 3 weeks ago and I didn’t notice this. They look so out of place. Now that I think about it, when I do walk around there, I really never look up. Maybe they were already there. Hmmm….

  2. It’s been there for a while. It started on the sides of buildings, and now it looks like it’s moving to the fronts.

    At least most of it is reasonably well done. It’s not like they’re putting billboards in the sand.


  3. The horrible Sketchers ad replaced an even worse ad for Sketchers featuring Ashlee Simpson. Most of these have been up for months, integrating sly like they were R. Cronk pieces.

  4. Strange. I’m down there a lot but have never seen those before. The Sketchers ad is at least colorful.
    The Toyota ad is too “billboardy.” It’s too plain for Venice. If you’re gonna do it, take into consideration the ‘character’ of an area. From ground level tho I don’t think people are looking up for ads. I have to check it out next time I’m down there.

  5. Yeah, now that I think about it, I guess I have noticed the corona and the heineken murals. Those are at least trying to fit the vibe in that they are murals. Toyota and Sketchers are just awful. Boy it’ll be a real shame if those got tagged. (Ooops – I am NOT inciting illegal activity. Graffiti is wrong and bad and a scourge on our fine town! Unlike these obnoxious ads…)

  6. THANK GOD! We need MORE corporate dollars to pour in to Venice. It’s about time that the undesirable “420” crowd starts to get forced out by the people like me: with money and taste. I’m so sick of having to tolerate the smell of unwashed dreadlocks when I’m waiting at the Coffee Bean for my morning coffee. Thank you Toyota. Thank you Sketchers. Where’s Nike, Apple, and Ford?