Happy 3rd Anniversary, Brick Lane!



Brick Lane just had their 3-year anniversary, and Ted Baker threw them a party last Thursday to celebrate! Amanda, Brick Lane’s owner, was kind enough to invite YoVenice to the festivities!

What a fun party! Packed with people, who were quite fashionably dressed in a very Brit way, I might add. The signature cocktail was a Ted-tini – some kind of Sapphire Gin/apple/mint thing. It was delicious (and I generally don’t care for fruity drinks.) Coffee Bar, Buffet, and DJ (who played awesome music, btw) – a very well planned party.

I have been meaning to post about Brick Lane for some time now. Amanda has a great collection of clothing and accessories – for men and women. The “British Fashion Invasion” is definitely a different sort of style than I see around Southern California – and I love it. She also carries what I consider to be the perfect amount of clothing at any one time. I get overwhelmed easily when shopping for clothes – which is why I don’t shop often, but when I do, I always hit Brick Lane. Usually, I come away with something that quickly becomes one of my “favorites”. (I don’t feel bad saying “usually” because my shop:purchase ratio is usually about 4 stores:1 purchase. Brick lane gets about a 2:1. Not bad.)

So – thank you Amanda, for your hospitality! We look forward to many more of Brick Lane’s Anniversaries!

Brick Lane
1132 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA