Interesting Beach Outfit of the Week


IBO February

This is how their day started:


Girl #1: "omigod i was totally just about to call u!"

Girl #2: "rilly? omigod! do u still want to go to Venice today?"

Girl #1: "totally! omigod u know what we should do? let’s both wear denim skirts, black tights, brown boots, gray tops, bracelets on our right wrists and bags over our left shoulders!"

Girl #2: "that would be so rad! i only have a gray striped short tho."

Girl #1: "that’s ok – we don’t want to look EXACTLY alike!"

Girl #2: "totally, that would be like SO retarded."



  1. like OMG, im going to look so cool taking a pic of you two walking, and like post it on my blog. and get like a lot of hipster points for when i hang on Abbott kinney.