January’s 1st Fridays – update on the update


After lugging a bunch of cans around all evening and stressing about leaving them under our table at Hal’s – I braved the rain and made my way to Topo Ranch – only to find a note on their door that said they had closed due to the weather. Lame. Totally Lame. Not only lame in that they were closed – it’s equally lame that rain scared people away which caused them to close shop. (I’m just bitter because of the lugging and the braving – feeling all proud of my east coast roots and their imperviousness to rain.)

There really were very few people out on the street last night and it appeared that many stores had closed due to the weather and poor customer turnout. I guess if I had no customers on a night when I was supposed to be collecting for charity, I would reschedule as well. So…it appears that the February 1st Fridays will still have Topo Ranch accepting cash donations for Venice Arts and canned food donations for a food bank. Please help make up for yesterday’s lametude by showing massive support next month!



  1. Hey Keri,

    I like the blog. We’ll be back stronger in February. We’ll also have live music and some drinks for all. I’m sure we’ll do some good for Venice Arts.

    Is “lametude” kind of like “baditude”?


  2. Alex – I am looking forward to February! Music and drinks? Bret and I are so there!

    Hm…baditude vs. lametude. I see lametude as more like – strong intentions but weak action. For example: “Let’s all support First Fridays!…but not if it’s raining.” Baditude is just unpleasant for all involved. Last Friday was just lametude across the board. My response to it might be interpreted as baditude, but really it was letdownity. Thank you for bringing it up and allowing me to clarify. 😉