Farmers’ Market Thanksgiving Schedule


Venice Farmer's Market

Wow, it is HARD to find current information about the Venice Farmers’ Market (and their phone system hung up on me 3 times!).

Last week at the market, there was a sign explaining that there would be no Farmers’ Market on the Friday after Thanksgiving. There is no indication that it will be open any other day next week. That means, if you want to get your market on for Thanksgiving, you can go to Venice tomorrow or Santa Monica next week.

It may be very anti-yovenice to send anyone to Santa Monica for anything – but since the Venice Farmers’ Market organizers didn’t see fit to provide for us on the days before the whole country goes into a food coma, I have no choice. Santa Monica’s market will be open on Wednesday from 8:30am-1:30pm (they even have better hours!) and they will be featuring a pie-making demonstration by the Art Institute of LA’s Culinary Arts Program (they have demos!)

I won’t go so far as to include links here for more information – because that’s just going too far. You’ll have to google for it.

Here’s an idea for next year: Venice Farmers’ Market open on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, local farmers enjoy huge revenue that day, organizations like this one accept donations of food for the homeless, no one has to go all the way to Santa Monica for their Thanksgiving Farmers’ Market needs.

BTW – I am contacting whoever posted that Craig’s List ad to see what the deal is. I’ll keep you posted…



  1. good luck with your inquiries. If you ever reach a person of authority, I hope you’ll ask why the market only stays open til 11am which is frankly pretty early esp for those of us who enjoy the nightlife. There’s nothing happening in that lot later on fridays and there’s no other market the vendors are heading to so. . . why not stay til 2pm.

  2. If you want to talk to the market manager — and that’s who makes these decisions — you can find him at the market walking around. He’s not the friendliest guy who ever walked the earth, but he’ll surely listen.

    I’m not sure about your idea of moving the Venice market to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for that one week. The farmers work at multiple markets every week, so I am not sure they could do double (or triple) duty on that day.