“First Fridays” Continue but with a twist…or tag…



The “First Fridays” initiative was originally intended to bring visitors to Abbot Kinney on summer evenings to increase store revenue and show people how awesome the street is at night. It was hugely successful, but only scheduled to run until November 2nd.

Local Venice resident, Hannah Shakespeare, came up with a brilliant way to have First Fridays continue by using them as a means to improve the community – not just Abbot Kinney businesses.

Hannah’s “Tag, You’re It” program, to run on the First Fridays of each month, calls upon shopkeepers to select a charity and collect donations during those Friday evenings. On November 2nd, Patio Culture selected the Venice Family Clinic and collected just under 1000 socks and underwear for that worthy cause. Now, Patio Culture has tagged Tales and Toys, who will host a toy drive for Children’s Hospital on Friday evening, December 7th.

We’ll try to keep track of who has been tagged and what the charity is – but mark this event on your calendars now! Every first Friday of the month, from 6pm-10pm. I can’t think of an easier or better way to support our town than to help local businesses and our neighbors.

For more information about First Fridays, visit www.abbotkinneynow.com. (Their website hasn’t been updated with this new development, but I’m sure it will be soon! In fact, I’m gonna email them now to make sure of it!)