Farmers’ Market Fridays


farmers' market sign

I don’t get over to the Farmers’ Market every week, but I try to go as often as I can.

If you’ve never been, you really don’t know what you’re missing! I like that it’s relatively small – but there are still tent after tent of produce. The produce is pretty outstanding. I also like that the farmer is there to give advice about how to best store, prepare, or cook the fruits and vegetables – since you’ll find yourself buying some of the more “exotic” produce. It all looks so fresh and interesting! (lots of free samples!)

Venice Farmers' Market

In addition to the produce, there is a seafood vendor, a hummus/olive/pita table, cheese, many baked goods, honey and jams, fresh flowers, plants, and everyone’s favorite: the coffee cart. Prices range from “oh my gosh, that’s it?” to “wow – that must be fancy!”

Families bring their children and spend the whole morning there socializing, but don’t bother bringing your 4-legged children. Pets are not allowed.

I made there last week – bought some white nectarines that may permanently turn me off peaches, and a pumpkin pie.

Venice Farmers' Market

Venice Farmers' Market

Venice Farmers' Market(that’s where I bought the nectarines!)

Venice Farmers’ Market
Fridays, 7-11am
Venice Blvd. between Ocean and Dell



  1. Agreed, the FM is great, but why, oh why, is it only open til 11am???

    Not like anything is going on in that parking lot afterwards (except maybe some duck-loving. . . )