Interesting Beach Outfit of the Week


Interesting Beach Outfit

If you walked past this group of youngins, you might not give them a second glance. Especially since all eyes are usually on Harry Perry when he’s around.

I did a double-take because I realized they were all wearing pajamas. And I had already seen Harry earlier. Those pink flannel pants are hard to miss, unless there’s a turban-wearing Hendrix-channeling rollerblader nearby.

Pajamas! Boy I love pajamas! I’m not sure I’d stroll around wearing pajamas in public, unless I’m walking my dog at 7am. I’m not 16 anymore.

Good for you li’l whipper-snappers! Have fun!

PS: Harry Perry has a band website and I love it.



  1. i`ve seen me too Harry on sunday, but i didn`t know who he has!

    Since Today, i became a Venice`s inhabitant, finally!:)

    This blog is a great resource to Venice, Thank you all!

    – dag –