Boardwalk Musicians – Always Entertaining


Piano guy has new piano

Piano Guy’s got a new piano! A fancy one too!

We witnessed a situation this week in which a boardwalk performer (not Piano Guy) was asked to turn his music down – since diners at one of the outdoor restaurants were complaining. The performer and his pals started accusing the diners of being snooty rich people who “only like Sinatra” and don’t appreciating “real” music by “real” people. Wow. That wasn’t the issue at all. The issue was that the music was at rock-concert volume directly across from the restaurant and people couldn’t hold a conversation.

It made me realize that for all of the harsh and unfair judgements the “rich newcomers” are accused of making about the homeless or the longtime residents in Venice, the homeless and longtimers make harsh and unfair judgements too. Interesting that the assumption was that the “real” music was what turned people off – not the unreasonable volume at which it was being played. (Believe me – it was unreasonably loud. The music itself was fine.)

If someone wants their “right to be here” respected, they need to give a little respect to others, who also have that right. Can’t we realize that we share our public spaces and it’s just common decency to allow each other to enjoy it? What is so hard about compromise? Play your music – just don’t play it so loud that people 20 feet away can’t have a conversation. Promote your self-recorded CD – just don’t prevent me from walking by when I say “No thanks – but good luck with your music!” Ask me to sign a petition, just don’t yell after me if I decline to sign it.

We all have a right to be here. Let’s remember that.