Abbot Kinney Festival Band Info!


We are so grateful to any information people send us about events!

The Abbot Kinney District Association, or AKDA, sent me an unconfirmed but pending lineup for the Andalusia Stage at the Abbot Kinney Festival.

Venice Songwriter Stage

  1. 10:30 David Pavia
  2. 11:00 Melanie Hersch
  3. 11:45 Blue Eyed Son
  4. 12:30 End of June
  5. 1:15 Studebaker featuring Steve McCormick and Eric Lynn
  6. 2:00 Kim Michalowski
  7. 2:45 Matt Ellis
  8. 3:30 Eric Schwartz
  9. 4:15 The White Pine Blisters
  10. 5:00 The Sympathetics

I hope I got all the links right. (There are two Eric Schwartzs, for example. Both are from CA. This Eric plays at Abbots Habit, so I’m hoping it’s the right one!)

Anyway – what a great variety of music! And this is the lineup for only 1 of the 4 stages!

UPDATE, 9/29/07: A few of the bands and musicians have changed. For updated information, visit