Whose is this?


Funny cartoon on Abbot Kinney

Walking down Abbot Kinney one day, I believe near the Red House Gallery, I saw this stuck on a post. I think it’s hilarious! I love the smooching in the back and the look on the girl’s face in the front.

Does anyone know who drew this?

(Reminds me of my high school days…only instead of french braids, my “boyfriend” was giving me tips on how to apply false eyelashes.)

(I’d better sign this one, huh Bret?)



  1. there are a bunch of these hangin in a lil bar in WEHO. It’s a collective effort o three people, they use initials when the sign original pieces, i wann asay KBL, or KLR, somethin like that, dont know if that helps at all, but thats all i got. they’re all pretty funny, they also have a”you know your in love when” series,