Venice Breakwater Surf Report


Monday, September 10th, 8:00 am. The surf this morning at Venice Breakwater was small, but still looked kind of fun if you busted out a longboard. The conditions were smooth with no wind and the morning clear and warm. However, there is a definite feel of fall in the air. What a difference a week makes. It’s as if right on cue after Labor Day, we officially turned the corner from summer to fall. The air feels crisp and fresh, and the line up especially reflects that fact the school is back in session. No little grommies (or teachers) crowding the line up these days. There were about six out this morning at VBW compared to several dozen just a week ago.

Stay tuned as Venice surf is usually at its best in the fall when we get some crossed up swell action, and the morning tides shift in favor of a higher tide. I love fall surfing and Venice can sometimes offer up some great, peaky days this time of year.

Venice Breakwater Surf