Abbot’s Pizza Company


Abbot's Pizza • Abbott Kinney Blvd. Venice Beach California

Apparently, Abbot’s Pizza Company has a website “coming soon” but they do have a myspace

I think there’s not much I can say about this place that people don’t already know – they make great pizza. Even as a former New Yorker, I love APC’s pizza!

I love that any of their “gourmet” pies can be had by the slice in the store, so I often pop in for a gypsy slice. Also, they have a board where people put fliers about various events, meetings, local goings on – so that is always interesting to peruse while waiting for your pizza.

Wow, this is probably the least descriptive restaurant post I’ve done – but there’s not really much to say. They make excellent pizza. End of story.

Abbot’s Pizza Co
1407 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-7334