Godfather of Fitness at Muscle Beach this weekend!


According to The Argonaut:

“Muscle Beach Venice enthusiasts have something to work up a sweat over as the Labor Day Muscle Beach Championship bodybuilding contest brings the “godfather of fitness” Jack LaLanne to the stage.”

Jack LaLanne?! He’s getting a lifetime achievement award. (I’ll say! The guy is 93!)

“Following the introduction of the bodybuilding athletes at 1 p.m., LaLanne will be presented a lifetime achievement award. LaLanne’s segment will be followed by the grand opening of the Walk of Fame at Muscle Beach, that will consist of bronze plaques mounted around the weight pen honoring 23 Muscle Beach Hall of Fame inductees.”

I love this story. It’s just weird. Every time I tell some uninformed person that I live in Venice Beach, they say “Oh is that near Muscle Beach?” Now I have something to show these people if they come to visit, besides all the greased-up ultra-tanned muscles. They can read plaques now.