Philomene Long


Philomene Long

They are already ghosts
John and Philomene
As they pass
Along the Boardwalk
Where ghosts and poets overlap
As they pass, the gulls
Ghosting above their shadows

Everything’s haunting everything

Already ghosts
John and Philomene
Under the ghostly lampposts
Of Venice West
Their cadence
The breath of sleep
At rest
Lost at the edge of America
Already ghosts
And each poem
Already a farewell

Everything’s haunting everything
The sea is the ghost of the world

–Philomene Long

I’m reading reports that Philomene Long, Poet Laureate of Venice, passed away last week. has a lovely tribute to Philomene and her late husband, John Thomas.

Here are a few links to articles and interviews about our “Queen of Bohemia”.
Noveltown’s Blog
Some of her poetry: (whose photo we borrowed!) sends our condolences to her family, her friends, and the Venice community. It seems that Philomene’s spirit was intricately woven into the history and soul of Venice – and we have suffered a great loss at her passing.