Bye-bye old Venice…


Cruz Vintage and High D High

Last year, I wanted to find some interesting kitchen chairs to go with my 1950’s stove and fridge – and I found them at Cruz Vintage. You know, that cool vintage furniture store that used to occupy 1307 Abbot Kinney Blvd? At the time, Mr. Cruz himself told me they were moving from that location because the owner of the building planned knock it down. He may have said “sell it” but seemed to remember discussions about knocking it down. (it was a year ago!)

Now, High D High has finally vacated the other half of the building – and so I would imagine the time is drawning near.

What are the plans for this space, built in 1922? I did a google search for the addresses and this is what I came up with:

Picture 2

I have no idea how old this listing is, but it refers to leases expiring in March 06 (which is when I bought my chairs), and it also refers to drawings and models for retail/condo space. I didn’t realize it would also include NiteSpa. Drat! I love that little bungalow spa.

I’m wondering what the percentage is of restoration vs. new construction in this town. There are so many fantastic old structures that remind us of Venice’s history. Does it cost too much to restore and expand on the old stuff? I do love that the face of our town is a mix of old and new but it seems more about the new and less about the old lately!

What do you guys think? (this is why we have comments!)

PS – here are my lovely chairs. (table designed by Kelly LaPlante of Organic Interior Design.) I’m so glad I found them before Cruz Vintage moved (Any idea where they moved to? Can’t find anything online!)

kitchen chairs from cruz vintage