Shima – Brown Rice Sushi


It’s Abbot Kinney Restaurant Week on YoVenice…


Driving by 1432 Abbot Kinney Blvd, you might think this is just another work/live space for some of our many artists, photographers, architects, designers, etc. A little 8.5×11 paper “sign” tells you otherwise.

Shima • Abbott Kinney Blvd. Venice Beach California

This subtlety is part of its charm – entering through the gate, past the tiny river rock garden, you feel as if you are being let in on a little secret. Once you experience the sushi – you definitely want to keep this secret to yourself!

“Exclusive Brown Rice Sushi” simply doesn’t do Shima justice. My only experience there has been as a vegetarian, but every person I’ve dined with has raved about the sushi. When black cod is on the menu, it’s always a favorite. I’ve thought of asking them to call me when they are serving their heirloom tomato salad – it’s that good (but not always on the menu). Their regular menu features several tofu dishes, grilled fish and meat, vegetables, salads – and another of my favorites: the tofu scramble.

They have an excellent selection of sake and organic wines and juices.

The staff is very nice. The decor is simple and fresh. They have a loft area for larger dinner parties, since the main floor has small tables.
Reservations are always a good idea.

1432 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291-3741
Phone: (310) 314-0882




  1. What happened to Shima? Tried to look it up, says went out of business. Too lazy to leave the house and drive by to see what is there now. If anyone knows please post it. thankyou