Jin Patisserie


It’s Abbot Kinney Restaurant Week on YoVenice…


If Capri is the romantic date go-to spot for dinner, Jin Patisserie is the lunch equivalent.

Born in Singapore, inspired in Japan, and trained in California (whew!), Kristie Choo has created an atmosphere that is inviting, soothing, and tempting. From the wonderful selection of teas, to the simple and elegant lunch menu, to the cakes and pasteries that are both desserts and works of art, spending an afternoon in the Jin garden feels like…um…ok the way I can describe it is this: You know when you’re a little girl and you have tea parties with your friends – you dress up in fancy clothes and gloves and pretend to eat fancy food and drink fancy tea? That’s what you feel like at Jin – without the fancy clothes and gloves. It’s a lovely spot to have lunch or afternoon tea with girl friends.

Realizing this tea-party analogy will be lost on the guys reading this (or not), I’ll say this to them: It’s a great place to have a lunch date. Chicks like it. (And on this date, don’t say anything like “6 bucks for a pot of tea?!” Yes, it’s $6 for a large pot of tea. It’s good tea!)

Jin Patisserie
1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291




  1. I love Jin Patisserie! Their 25th of December tea is so delicious and the lunch deal (sandwhich, salad + cake of the day) is so reasonably priced ($13) and yummy. I rave about this place to everyone. 🙂