Interesting Beach Outfit of the Week


Interesting Beach Outfit 8/14/07

I know many of us are concerned about sun exposure and all the nasty things it does to our skin – but wearing a velour track suit (hood up) and a down vest? It was approximately 113 degrees outside on the day that we shot this pic. Surely, she could have gotten away with sunblock, a thin long sleeved shirt, thin long pants, and a wide-brimmed hat. And does she think her toes can’t wrinkle or get cancer? All bundled up…with flip flops.

Or is she a celebrity who is trying her best to stump us? First of all: this outfit totally grabs one’s attention on a sweltering beach day – she is certainly not blending in. I guess the "stumping" part comes from the fact that instead of us saying "Wow, is she famous?", we are saying "Wow, is she nuts?!" Second: the sunglasses are large enough to hide her entire face, so those babies alone will protect her identity. And third: outfit and glasses aside, are we going to recognize her just by her hair? A hood? Really now.

Even the most cold person of the "I’m always cold" set wouldn’t be this bundled up on a hot summer morning.

Interesting Beach Outfit 8/14/07