The Farmacy – Venice’s first acceptable chain business?


Venice's First Acceptable Chain Business?

Well lookee what’s coming to Abbot Kinney. Another chain business. I say this without any amount of judgement: I think it will be rather funny if no Venice residents protest this one.

The Farmacy is a medical marijuana dispensary. They have a location in West Hollywood and now this one in Venice. I’m waiting to hear back from them about when this location is opening.

In the meantime, if you have questions for them, send them an email!




  1. Keri,
    Wow, I had no idea. I thought it was going to be some sort of cool, chinese, herbal, holistic, chinatown-esque, health clinic thing, but I did get a little suspicious when the big garish sign went up. Im glad you said something. Unfortunately, I think you’re right; because of all the lame wannabes (and I’m not as kind as you; I do say that with complete judgment), who have moved here and have no interest in preserving the integrity of the community, will think; Venice + Weed, Must = Cool … It’s pathetic.

    Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with pot, medical or otherwise. I happen to be a non-smoker, but I have many stoner friend, and I’m sure I’d be the first to light up, if I were sick and needed to feel better, but a big tacky pot store … with that whole wink wink, nudge nudge “we’re legal, because we’re medical, so were going to be as flashy and tacky as we possibly can” is soooooooo boring.
    I’d protest, if I thought it would do any good, but because they’re there under the guise of medical, it really wouldn’t do any good.
    PS, I’d feel a lot better about it if a local opened a small medical marijuana shop; its just the grandiosity of it; I feel like Im in the middle of Tokyo when I walk by.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment!

    I just posted again about Farmacy, since they are open now and we checked it out earlier this week:

    New Post

    I’m not crazy about the look of the outside of the store, but inside it’s pretty nice and it does not give off a tacky pot store vibe. Dispensing Pot is actually not their main emphasis. If you have a cold or a stomach ailment – they have completely legal, non-psychotropic herbal remedies to help!

  3. not sure that two locations really make a chain. if thats the case, then that also applies to the pizza place (there’s another location on pico, right?), and of course the other room as well.

    i gotta say, i dig the farmacy, (but i agree about the sign!)

  4. I love comments!

    Oh I was being sarcastic about the chain part – that Venice folks will accept this one for sure…you know…because of the pot. (and our liberal views – not that we all smoke pot!) Besides, there are 3 Farmacies. There’s one in Westwood.

    And yes, Abbot’s Pizza Company has two locations – the ORIGINAL which is on AKB and Abbot’s Pizza Company II (as in, the second one) in Santa Monica. This is what we want, right? Venice businesses to be successful?

    otheroom…I used to live right near anotheroom in NYC. It looks exactly the same (but ours is bigger) and pretty much has the same beer menu. And there are 5 of those bars in 3 cities (original one is in NYC)- does that make it a chain yet?

    I see your point – which is actually at the heart of my sarcasm. What is technically a chain and what will be acceptable to us? Sometimes it’s not so clear. All of your examples could be considered “chain” businesses – multiple locations, 1 Brand, shared upper management, shared vision/practices/policies. Because Abbot’s is originally a Venice business and the otheroom has a decor that we like – they are ok. Pinkberry is “garish” and Farmacy has it’s neon sign – so they get to be “controversial”. I know there is more to it than that – but appearance of the business seems to be one of the issues. If Pinkberry’s decor was neutrals and reclaimed wood and everything was 100% organic – would we complain?

  5. wow, you all talk about Venice as if you personally own it just because you either rent/own a piece of property there. This kind of mentality is no better than the gated communities in the Hollywood Hills.

    It’s kinda self-righteous telling people who you think should or shouldn’t be able to have an opprotunity to run a legal business in a free country. Wow, is this what us californians are becoming? I hope to god not! We sound like a bunch of closed-minded mid-westerners… man I hope this is not what we are becoming!

  6. Thanks for your comment.

    I have no intentions of telling anyone what they can or can’t do and I hope my posts aren’t coming across that way. When I say “we”, I’m talking about the collective “we” and “our” varied opinions. Some of our neighbors are completely against any chain business operating on Abbot Kinney or near the beach. Others think it’s a sign of progress. I’m not sure how I feel one way or the other. I like the idea of Venice-only businesses, but I also like the idea of not going broke patronizing those businesses, and some are rather expensive. So as far as what businesses “we” will accept – I mean, what is the middle ground?

    What I love about Venice is that it isn’t a gated community. Some argue about gentrification and rising prices of homes and retail stores will force people out. I hope that doesn’t happen because I moved here for a reason – I can buy a nice house and still feel like I’m part of a down-to-earth REAL community. I like that on my street, my neighbors are middle-income, wealthy, artistic, corporate, American, French, Mexican, British, black, white, asian, whatever. I wouldn’t want it any other way, really. ( And if I am going to spend money in Venice, I prefer that it goes to my neighbors’ businesses. )

    As residents of a town, our opinions and thoughts about the appearance and infrastructure of the town are very important. If 50% of the population doesn’t want to see a Starbucks on Abbot Kinney, 15% think it’ll be great and 35% don’t care – I’m sorry, majority rules. (I don’t know the numbers, I’m just trying to make a point.) We DO sort of own Venice – along with about 30,000 co-owners. We all should feel we have a say in what happens here, don’t you think? If it turns out that the majority wants to turn Venice into an elitist wealthy exclusive neighborhood, I’ll move. Fortunately, I think more people want the opposite and they need to be heard.

    That being said – it has always been the intent of YoVenice to include all aspects of our community. We hope that others will want to contribute by submitting posts or photos of what Venice is to them. Our opinions and activites here are not the only ones, obviously. We love comments, even those that disagree with us, and we especially love when comments become an actual conversation, like these.

  7. I have to agree that its not good for venice to have a pink berry and other well known chain buisnesses. I go to Abbot Kinney because I like the small shops, privately owned boutiques and I can be assured that If I go to AK, I will see some things for sale that I cant find elsewhere. If I go to AK, and there is a McD’s, Applebees, and Barnes and Noble.. then why bother? It will be just like 3rd street. There has to be some room for preservation of a unique city street like AK or it will just die.