Interesting Beach Outfit of the Week


Interesting outfit 80807

In this week’s Interesting Beach Outfit, we have…I’m not sure what this is, to be honest. Is that supposed to be a cowboy hat? Because really, it’s not. It’s a denim (two toned!) floppy hat that has been magically transformed into a cowboy hat, presumably with an iron and some spray starch. An obvious newbie tourist to Venice Beach, he must not have realized that there is an endless supply of straw cowboyish hats, which appear to be all the rage, all along the boardwalk.

Could be worse…he could be wearing NO hat and then I’d have to write all about his mullet.

If you see an interesting beach outfit, take a picture and send it to us!




  1. I have seen him out in Venice a couple of times. His hat looking amazing as always, his clothes don’t say much about the situation either. A very interesting look all together.