The Otheroom has some patrons leaving for Anotherbar in Venice



A seat by the window, breezes wafting in, a cold beer, some friendly dogs, a neighborly “Hey what’s up?”…as far as we’re concerned, Venice doesn’t get much better than a 5pm drink at the Otheroom. Lately, it seems, that 5pm drink is more like a 5:35 drink, due to their frequent lateness in opening.The customers are all there at 5pm. The staff is there at 5pm. We can see them inside, merrily lighting candles, taking some pictures, chatting and laughing with each other while a decidedly unamused crowd gathers outside.

This past Sunday, many people got fed up and left. “This is ridiculous, let’s go to Hal’s” was the general consensus. As loyal as we are to the Otheroom, even our group started to leave when finally, at 5:30, the doors opened.(“They don’t know who they just pissed off! We have a blog! A very low-readership blog being that it’s new – but it’s a blog and I am posting about this injustice!”).

Mentally planning this post, I paid particular attention to whether or not the fed-up people ever returned. By the time we left, 2 hours later, they had not.So…I will say this to the Otheroom staff – you may be popular, you may have tons of loyal local customers – it’s still not okay to make those customers wait 30 minutes for you to open.


The Other Room
1201 Abbott Kinney
Venice California
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