Interesting Beach Outfit of the Week


One of my favorite things about people-watching at the beach is the parade of interesting outfits. If you happen to catch someone in an outfit that makes you say "yikes!", please submit it to us for our newest feature:

Interesting Beach Outfit of the Week.

In our first installment, we have a cowgirl/flapper in tribal jewelry with a scrunchie conveniently adorning her wrist, creating sort of an American fashion time-line: from discovery of the New World and its indigenous people, through the wild-west of the late 1800’s, to the carefree party days of the early 1920s, and finally the "totally awesome" fashion of the 1980’s.

Anytime I see someone in an "interesting" outfit such as this one, I think – "That person feels great right now in that crazy outfit! Good for them!"

So…good for you, Totally Awesome Native American Cowgirl Flapper!


If you see an interesting beach outfit, take a picture and send it to us!