GLiving Network showcases epOxybOx in Venice!


The GLiving Network, which is based here in Venice, has a really interesting website with all sorts of nifty ideas and info about living a mean green lifestyle! I found a video on YouTube in which they visit with Barbara Greene of epOxybOx.

I’ve been curious about epOxybOx for some time now – seeing all those electric Zap cars out front. (Get it? Electric car…Zap? Cute.) I’ve always heard people refer to epOxybOx as a “multifunctional space”, which is about as descriptive as saying “The Zap car is a mode of transportation”. Turns out – they have art shows, events, and classes, all focused on green-living and sustainable resources. They are also starting a green market of some kind. That’s pretty multifunctional, I’d say.

I’m trying to score a test-drive of the Zap car…stay tuned…