Whole Foods coming to Venice


I have 2 independent confimations that Whole Foods will be opening in the space currently occupied by Big Lots on Rose and Lincoln.

The first time I heard this rumor, it was from 2 cashiers at Ralph’s. One cashier said her cousin was going to be the new manager and the other was asking how she can apply for a job there, being careful to keep it on the down-low (their manager was nearby.) When I asked “What’s going in the Big Lots?”, they both whispered “Whole Foods!” The manager of the Santa Monica Whole Foods just told me that, yes, there will be a store going in that location and it will be opening in 2008.

I may not be happy about Pinkberry being on Abbot Kinney, but I have to say I am excited about Whole Foods coming to Lincoln! I have to wonder though – what’s to become of our local stores like One Life Natural Foods?One Life Natural Foods Market, Santa Monica California

Where do we draw the line between what chains, if any, we would like to setup shop in Venice? Is Pinkberry on Abbot Kinney, where it doesn’t seem to directly compete with neighboring businesses, just as evil as Coffee Bean appearing across the street from Cafe Collage? What about the “chains” is objectionable – the location relative to local mom & pop businesses, the infiltration of a corporate presence in free-spirited Venice, the increase in traffic? All of the above? Am I a hyprcrite because I plan to shop at Whole Foods, even though I actively boycott the Pinkberries and Coffee Beans that are popping up in our town? It’s a very confusing and controversial subject – and it’s only going to get more interesting in the coming years, I’m sure. What do you guys think?

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