New Thai Massage Place on Abbot Kinney


Thai Massage on Abbot Kinney

Yesterday, I had a fantastic massage at Lamai Thai Massage – which opened on Abbot Kinney recently – on the corner of Andalusia and Abbot Kinney (where Moulin Rouge lingerie used to be.) Part therapeutic, part Cirque du Soleil, it was one of the best massages I’ve had in quite some time!

Why is Thai massage different than Swedish? In my opinion:

  • It’s not relaxing.
  • It’s perfect if you have knots or sore muscles that need some real work.
  • You wear a little outfit they provide* because…
  • The massage therapists walk on you, stand on you, kneel on you, stretch you.
  • Afterwards, you feel energized and stretched – with noticably less muscle tension and knots.

    Don’t be put off by the fact that you and other clients are all in the same room, separated by curtains for privacy – you are clothed during the massage and it’s so quiet, you’d think you were the only client there. The facilities are very clean, the therapists were great, and at $40/hour, the prices are extremely reasonable. (note: they accept only cash!)

    Lamai Thai Massage is located at 1326 Abbot Kinney Blvd. 310.399.7953


    *the pants are not draw-string. The strings go in the back and wrap around your waist. I wasn’t the only confused person there!



    1. I just scheduled an appt. for Sunday! I walked by this place a few weeks ago and it looked interesting…


    2. yes they have – funny, Dianna – we were just talking about how since they moved, the quality of massage has really gone down. I’m going to mention it to them – the last 3 massages I had there were actually bad! I’m not very happy about that. Apparently, the chinese massage place on Windward Circle is excellent. I might go tomorrow because I have a neck thing going on – stand by…

    3. To Max: I’m hoping your comment was a half-hearted attempt at online humor, though you should be aware that your entry of 5.03.08 treads dangerously close to libel. What you have claimed is that the staff at Lamai has broken the law by performing acts which are beyond the legal parameters of its license. To offer a differing, albeit negative point of view of the establishment is well within your 1st Amendment rights. To base your opinion on a claim of illegality on the part of this establishment subjects you to legal sanction. In other words, unless you are willing (and successful) in proving that an illegal act was committed, the third party involved here (Lamai Thai Massage) has every right to pursue this matter in court. P.S. I’m not a disinterested observer in this matter, but one of the owners of Lamai Thai Massage. I also must add that I am very proud of our trustworthy (and well trained) staff. One of the many reasons we chose Venice as our base was because of its history of accepting non-traditional approaches to health and wellness. I hope you will eventually come to realize that the many well documented benefits offered through Thai massage therapy will never be experienced by those who are misled by frivolous comments such as yours

    4. Hi Kevin –

      Thanks for addressing Max’s immaturity. We have a policy of not removing comments unless it’s spam – but I hope that the lack of acknowledgement on our part and the part of our readers shows you that no one took that seriously. I made a point of writing about being clothed and how therapeutic that style of massage is so that we might avoid ignorant pubescent comments. Some people just don’t get it, I suppose.

      Venice has embraced your shop for the same reasons you chose our town – we are open-minded about the non-traditional. Please do not think that 1 silly comment will have any effect on the validity and respectability of Thai Massage or Lamai.

      I go to your shop regularly and bring a friend (or two) with me almost every time – it is obvious that your staff is well-trained and very skilled. In the past, the therapists were responsive to my particular concerns and preferences, and I was never sore or worse off after a treatment. My last 3 massages were disappointing because there was a lack of communication.

      I would like to contact you directly regarding this because I know that Lamai has done better and can do better. I have some ideas on how to easily improve things. Please contact me at [email protected], and I will also call the shop to leave a message for you.