Danny’s Venice Deli


Danny's Deli, Venice Beach

So Bret and I went to Danny’s Venice Deli the other night – I had been wanting to go there since it opened in March, even after hearing mixed reviews. Bret said “Where’s that? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

At 8pm, the small bar had a good number of people but the restaurant was…well we had a large choice of where to sit, I’ll just say that. And I’m not sure why – I thought the food was good. I mean – I had grilled cheese and french fries, not exactly a complicated meal – but as someone who eats a lot of grilled cheese, I thought it was one of the better grilled cheeses I’ve had. And the fries were great. Bret had a club sandwich – he liked it. It was so huge that he took half home to have for lunch the next day. Our other friend had a roastbeef sandwich – with extremely hot horseradish. (Warning: the horseradish is painfully hot!)

Danny's Deli, Venice Beach The menu is along the lines of Jerry’s (but less overwhelming) – which is along the lines of a NY diner. If the grilled cheese is any indication, Danny’s is much better than Jerry’s.

Service was good, food was good, I thought the decor was fun. But why so empty? My guess is that, like Bret, many people just don’t know it’s there. So…here’s my post about it…now you know!

Danny's Deli, Venice Beach

Danny’s Venice Deli is located at 23 Windward Avenue. 310-566-5610




  1. I can also vouch for Danny’s-good food, good service, good value and great desserts. And I can’t understand the lack of business, maybe people worry about the parking, but they have a valet which is cheaper than any of the lots, so parking is actually not an issue, even on the weekends.